Tessitura Marinoni srl produce technical fabrics for industrial applications.

The experience gained over more than 50 years of activity and the continuous development in research, put ourselves in a leading position in the production of technical textiles in general.

Our point of strength, as well as a great working flexibility, is to understand the customer requirements and be able to propose and provide a quick solution with a high quality product and a continuous support during the entire cycle.

The factory is based in Mozzate, in the North part of Italy, close to Varese, Como and Milan.

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About Us

Tessitura Marinoni was born in Cislago (VA) in 1952 thanks to the passion of its founder, Giacinto Marinoni, who, based on his experience in the textile industry began his business focusing on the production of high fashion fabrics for clothing and home decor.

In the early 80s the company experienced a deep change due to the development of various synthetic fibers, adding the production technical textiles industry to classic fabrics.

In the 90s, with the constant demands of the market, the company expanded its production capacity consolidating its position in the sector of technical industrial fabrics. In 2001 the company moved to new and larger premises in Mozzate (CO).


Tessitura Marinoni manages internally the entire production cycle, starting from the supplying of yarns up to the finished fabric.

This allows us a constant control of the quality and a remarkable speed in delivery.


The department of twisting offers different kinds of machinery that keeps twisting of synthetic yarns such as polyester and polyamide over a range of title between 50dTex and 2000dTex. The yarns, once twisted, are then stabilized and prepared for subsequent processing.


The department of warping is equipped with sectional warping machines of the latest generation with maximum width of 3800 mm. The creels with preloaded turntable panels have a new electronic control of braking which ensure a perfect and constant tension of the warp. First quality yarn, combined with highly specialized and selected staff, allow a constant control throughout the preparation.


The weaving department extend over a total area of 5000 square meters with a production capacity of 60 looms with heights up to 460 cm. Regularly renewed and developed, the unit includes different types of machinery able to weave every type of yarn (polyamide, polyester, Aramid Fibres, Monofilaments) with a continuous processing cycle.


Tessitura Marinoni collaborates with leading companies in the textile finishing , offering its customers a wide range of products with different treatmentsi.

Technical Fabrics

Our technical fabrics have several and different applications. We use different kind of yarn as Kevlar®, Twaron®, Diolen® HT, Polyester, Polyamide and Monofilaments with a range from 20 dtex to 11000 dtex.

  • Filtration fabrics in Polyester, Polyamide, Polypropylene from 100 to 1.000μm
  • Filtration fabrics with discontinuous yarns, multifilament and monofilament for filter bags
  • Fabrics for coating , coupling and resining
  • Polyamide fabrics for flat belts and timing belts
  • Polyester fabrics for conveyor belts
  • Fiberglass fabrics
  • HT Polyester fabrics (antistatic as well) for bigbag and flexible silos
  • Fabrics with leno
  • Reinforcing fabrics for rubberizing
  • Fabrics for needle punching
  • Fabrics for ballistic and fireproof protection
  • Tubular fabrics for special applications (geotextile, industrial accumulators)

Any other fabric on customer request



May 14th-17th 2019 Tessitura Marinoni Srl are pleased to invite you at their boot DA 30 Hall 3.0 at Techtextil Frankfurt 2017 next May 14th to 17th in Frankfurt.

December 5th 2017
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August 8th 2017
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Tessitura Marinoni Srl are pleased to invite you at their boot D13 Hall 6.1 at Techtextil Frankfurt 2017 next May 9th to 12th in Frankfurt.


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